Wednesday 13 January 2016

Audition Number 1 Under Our Belt

I'm guessing we didn't get the role Emma auditioned for.  It's now Wednesday and she was there on Friday.  She doesn't seem at all concerned, so much so that I'm not sure she understands what went on and why she was there.

Regardless, she had a good time and she got to eat some candy so that day was a success in her books!

Here's the run down of their day.  It's all second hand knowledge as I wasn't really a part of any of it, so there may be inaccuracies.  Also, the photos are all from Patrick's phone, no real camera took the journey with them.

Patrick picked Emma up at school and they were on the road by about 1:30 and made it to Toronto in good time.

Their first thought was to check the place out.  Of course it's right off the DVP most of the way downtown.  They were going to Larissa Mair Casting.  Since this was our first visit to any casting company we had no idea what was going to happen.

I guess I should say that we still aren't really sure what exactly she was auditioning for.  Apparently it's normal to not really know what you're there for.  The email I received from Mode Elle said it was for Knorr/Master Chef Canada.  What it doesn't say is whether it's a commercial, a show, or what it may be.  We never did find out.

Emma's audition was for 6:45 and I think they got there at 4 something.  So they went wandering and found a park.  Fun!  I guess she played there for a bit of time and they went wandering through stores. 

After they were done wandering the streets they decided to go back to the audition place and wait quietly inside.  Patrick said there were tons and tons of kids trying out.

We had packed a bag with everything she may have needed (change of clothes, snacks, hair baubles, colouring book, hairbrush...) and besides brushing her hair and sitting quietly and colouring, of course, she didn't need any of it!

Patrick said she was very patient, and she talked a little with the other kids, but mostly just coloured and waited.  Since they were so early they actually took a no-show kid's place got it done an hour early.  Showing up plenty early does pay off sometimes!

I don't really know if it was a big place, and if they lined up when there names were called or what, but apparently it was pretty quick audition.

Emma says she went in and there was a plate and it had a Nib (or Nibs?) and a gummy worm on it.  She was supposed to approach it as "Ick!  I'm not going to like this!" (that should have been easy for little miss picky eater!) and then try it and put on a "Wow, that's actually good!" face.  Also not a stretch as this has happened at our dinner table before.

She claims she did it, and, of course, parents don't go into the audition room, so we have no real idea how it went.  Seems like there must have been other kids with more appropriate reactions and/or acting skills, since we didn't get a part.

After they were done they grabbed McDonald's (of course) and then visited with some friends who live in Toronto before they headed home.  It was a very busy day for Miss Emma.  I think they got home around 11pm.  She was wiped, and slept most of the way home.  Patrick said it was "talk, talk, talk, silence" and she was out.

It's a mixed blessing that she didn't get a part in this production.  Patrick said there were to be 5 days of production time she'd be needed for.  And it was to be 3 days one week and 2 the next.  That's a lot of travelling, or going and having to stay over.  But at the same time, if we're going to do it, it might as well be a lot (with enough $$ to cover our time!) and all at once.

Let's hope another opportunity comes our way.  Besides the driving to Toronto, I'm so interested in the process that I really want to take her to something!  And, of course, how cool would it be if she scored some commercial gig or something!  As long as she's enjoying it, and we're not losing our shirts money-wise, we'll keep it up.  It's good for her development to learn how to act and approach people you don't know, and to be confident and all that.

Stay tuned to hear about other opportunities we may be offered.  And leave me a comment so I know you visited!


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